Winter fix for your face

Winter fix for your face

Winter fix for your face

Winter fix for your face

Dry skin is dry skin, right? Not really. Everyone's complexion is a little bit different, so when cold air hits, your skins reaction depends on your skin type, lifestyle, habits, and even your skin tone. From freckles to flakes, we looked at some of the most common characteristics of winter skin, and asked the experts about how to deal with them safely and effectively. Here's how to keep the skin on your face—and body—soft, supple, and strong, all season long.

If your skin is fair


People with fair skin have less pigment and less natural protection against the sun's UV rays. And while they may wear sunscreen in the summer, some people don't know it's important in cold weather too. Everyone can benefit from year-round use of a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen, but it's extra important for the fair skinned. Try our Lacura Expert Day Cream with SPF 15 or our Lacura Q 10 Day Cream with UVA and UVB protection.


If your skin is freckled


The story is similar for people with freckles, which are basically the body's attempt to protect itself from previous UV damage. Freckles don't really offer any benefits, and chances are you're only going to get more if you continue to expose your face or body to sunlight without sunscreen.

You may notice that your freckles seem to fade in the wintertime and look darker in the summer when you're spending more time in the sun, but that's no reason to skimp on your SPF routine during winter time.


If your skin is olive-toned or dark.


More pigment in the skin may mean more protection from the sun, but it can also put you at risk for long-term scarring from skin irritations such as acne and dry patches. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and it can last for months or even longer in people with olive and dark skin. Most people don’t worry about the texture or dryness of their skin, but because they're more concerned with the actual appearance. The best cure when it comes to uneven skin is always prevention: Moisturizing every day with a thick, creamy face moisturizer containing UV protection can cut down on irritation and help keep skin looking smooth and even.

Lacura also offers an amazing Anti-pigmentation spot gel that reduces the appearance of dark spots by regular use drastically.


Contact Saravabeauty and get the full beauty regime and products to suit your skin type this winter.


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