Exfoliation Benefits

Exfoliation Benefits

Facial scrubs are important to keep pores clean and to avoid skin problems. Proper exfoliation is important, say all experts. However, the scrubbing should not be overdone. Try to stick to the recommended once a week scrubbing.

Residual build up

Although face washes are great at removing superficial build up, they are not as effective at digging out the grime that’s deeper in your skin. Because of its unique formula, a face scrub can really dig down and eliminate any remaining build-up that could mar your otherwise perfect complexion.

Body scrubs

Body scrubs can help prepare your skin for shaving or be used after a wax treatment in order to avoid the ingrowth of hair. Ingrown hair and razor burns will become things of the past once you start using a Body scrub regularly.

Exfoliating beads

A micro fine face scrub has something that sets it apart from other cleansers — exfoliating particles. These particles help provide a deep clean and remove old skin cells.

Acne-fighting ingredients

A face scrub features one of the strongest anti-acne weapons as it helps skin cells to unblock.

Anti-aging properties

Regular use of a face scrub will help you look younger and remove under eye bags and fine lines. Although you may be tempted to use this product every day to maximise results, don’t do it. Because of its deep-cleansing properties, use of a face scrub twice a week is highly recommended.

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