Hello and welcome to Sarava Beauty…

My Name is Sara Gaqa-Gamerschlag and I am the founder of SARAVA BEAUTY South Africa.
Originally from Germany I immigrated to SA in 2008 joining my husband who is of South African origin.
After my move to SA and the birth of our daughter I left the field of molecular biology which I used to work in as a scientist. Now living is SA I realized the need for top quality yet affordable Skincare and Beauty Products.
With my families support back in Germany I started importing some of Germanys top Skincare Brands to SA in 2011.
As the sole distributer of LACURA Skincare and Beauty we are proud to present South Africa one of Europa’s most award winning brands. LACURA skincare became famous throughout Europa, USA and Australia beating many top brands on quality and price.
At SARAVA BEAUTY we believe that every woman should have the opportunity to take the best care possible of her body in order to feel and look her best. We strive to enable women to experience Luxury through top quality Products without having to pay an unreasonable price for it.
We set high standards on quality therefore all our Products are made in Germany. Not only do we offer a wide range of great products, we also offer facials and massage treatments and give many tips on beauty, body care, and just generally a healthy lifestyle.

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Build your career with us in your own time and way:
Enhancing lives is our passion. We offer independent shops, Beauty and Hair salons great discount structures when stocking our products and we provide excellent business opportunities for private Sales agents.
Build your own careers distributing and selling our Products as an agent or even a sole distributor for a certain region in SA supplying your own agents and outlets.
Internationally trading as SANA trading’s we import top Quality German skincare products in many countries across the globe. Assisting our partners by building their businesses of the sale and distribution of our amazing products is our passion. SANA trading’s is Based in Germany where all our products are manufactured. We assist you with the order, purchase and shipment of the products to the country of destination. If you are interested in the distribution of our brands in your country please don’t hesitate to fill in our agent form or contact us via email.

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